Vol. 20 No.1, Januari 2012
Wetlands International organises a special Wetlands Day at the UN Climate Change Convention in Bali, 2007.
his event will take place on Sunday, the 9th of December 2007, in Nusa Dua, Bali. Wetlands belong in the climate change debate, storing huge amounts of carbon in peat layers and mitigating the impact of extreme weather. Peatland loss is already leading to carbon dioxide emissions of a magnitude of 11% of all global fossil fuel emission. Wetland degradation amplifies the damage caused by extreme weather events. Wetlands Day is a special event at the UN-FCCC COP that zooms in on wetlands & climate change.

Download the programme for Wetlands Day

Presentations from our events can be downloaded from the links on the right.

Introduction to wetlands and climate change, Jane Madgwick (Wetlands International), Wetlands Day

Indonesia@@1s policy on peatlands management, Ministry of Forestry Indonesia, Wetlands Day.ppt

Actions for UNFCCC and Worldbank, Marcel Silvius (Wetlands International), Wetlands Day

Financing peatland protection, WorldBank, Side Event.ppt

CDM support in restoring wetland forests, Neeta Hooda (UNFCCC Secretariat), Wetlands Day.ppt

Palmoil and peatlands, Petra Meekers and Arjen Brinkmann (Biox Group), Wetlands Day.ppt

Incentives for avoiding emissions from tropical peatlands, Jane Madgwick (Wetlands International), intro

Global assessment on peatlands, biodiversity and climate change, Global Environment Centre, Side Event

Biorights, supporting communities for managing carbon stocks, Yus Rusila Noor and Pieter van Eijk

Climate change adaptation and wetlands, Nyoman Suryadiputra (Wetlands International), Wetlands Day

Global peatland fund, Wetlands International and Biox, Side Event.ppt

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