Vol. 20 No.1, Januari 2012

Organisation profile
WETLANDS INTERNATIONAL is a global organisation concerned with the promotion of the conservation and wise use of wetlands, has a non-profit/charitable status, and overseen by a global Board comprising representative of member countries, International organisations and wetlands experts.

Wetlands International was created in October 1995 when a new global force for wetland conservation was created, following the decission of three existing International "Wetlands" organisation to integrate. The founders are Asian Wetland Bureau (working in Asia - pacific region), International Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Bureau (Europe and Midle East region), and Wetlands for the Americas (American region). This integration draws together, and will build upon, the strenths and achievements of the three founding organisations, which date back more than 40 years. In Indonesia, Wetlands International operates since early 1980s under the Cooperative arrangement with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. During our last 20 years cooperation programme numbers of activities have been carried out, including site potential surveys, wetlands rehabilitation, public awareness and policy - institutional strengthening.

Current Projects
Terkait dengan issue perdagangan karbon, informasi apakah yang ingin anda ketahui?
Metode penghitungan karbon
Penyusunan dokumen dan desain proyek
Mekanisme dan standard perdagangan karbon

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