Latitude :
8 4 12 S Logitude : 114 15 0
Altitude :
1000 to 2800 metres
Area :
2468 ha Wetlands: 0 ha
Status : Strict nature reserve
Legislation : SK GB No. 46 Stbl No. 736, 9-10-1920.
Tenure : Managed by PHPA
Province :  
  Site Description  
  Most of the area is hilly with sharp relief configuration (over 30%) except in the eastern and southern parts which are relatively flat. There is a lake in the Ijen Crater measuring approximately 911m from the east to the west, and 600m from north to south. The reserve includes the crater lake of Ijen. The volume of this crater is about 36,260 m3 and has many sulphur fumeroles. The crater is beautiful. Much of the area forested is fine climax Casuarina (Cemara) forest and Albizzia montane forest. The grass plains of the Ijen higlands are dominated by Themida, Saccharum spontaneum and Cymbopogon vardus. The western slope of the Ijen Crater is very frequently burnt, so that even the cemara trees are dying out. Albizzia forest occurs only on the very steep slopes and mud-streams. The Ijen massif is the source of many rivers, irrigating the many rice plantations in the density populated lowlands. Principal vegetation: Ficus spp., Schleichera oleosa, Pternis wallichiana.  
  Site Location  
  This Nature Reserve lies in north-east Java, about 32 km west of Banyuwangi town. The reserve is accessible via two entrances: - The eastern entrance from Banyuwangi From Surabaya take a bus heading for Bali and get out in Banyuwangi. From Banyuwangi, minibuses go to Jambu and on to Linci. From Linci it's a 20 km walk to Kawah Ijen (6 hours). You might get a lift or hire some other kind of transportation to ride all the way to the end of the road, which ends 3 km past Linci. From there it's a 3 hours walk to Pos Paltuding. The 3 km climb to the crater will take another three hours. - The easiest and western entrance from Bondowoso From Malang or Surabaya take a bus to Bondowoso, where you get on a minibus to Sempol. From Sempol you can walk to Pos Paltuding (3 hours) or take a minibus to Turah Macan.  
  Special Memmo  
  List of Birds (7 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Ardeola speciosa
Bubulcus ibis
Gallus gallus
Gallus varius
Halcyon chloris
Pavo muticus Vulnerable App II
Ptilinopus porphyreus
  List of Mammals (6 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Cervus timorensis
Cuon alpinus Vulnerable App II
Hystrix javanica
Muntiacus muntjak
Panthera pardus Endengered App I
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus Vulnerable
  List of Fish (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Crustaceans (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Mollusks (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Amphibians (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Reptiles (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Vegetations (1 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Ficus sp.