Latitude :
1 25 12 S Logitude : 98 55 12
Altitude :
0 to 500 metres
Area :
190500 ha Wetlands: 0 ha
Status : National park
Legislation : Menteri Kehutanan, SK 407/Kpts-II//1993
Tenure : Government of Indonesia
Province :  
  Site Description  
  Pulau Siberut is a relatively young, partly sedimentary island. The east coast is slowly subsiding and as a result has a very irregular coastline of bays, capes, islets and coral reefs. By contrast, the west coast is relatively straight and lined with broad sandy beaches and steep cliffs. The vegetation is well formed lowland forest including Dipterocarpus forest, some swampy Sago forest (3,000 ha), and freshwater swamp forest (east coast). There is also some mangrove forest on the east coast, and Barringtonia forest on the west coast. Principal vegetation: The freshwater swamp forest is dominated by Terminalia phellocarpa. The mangroves include Rhizophora sp, Shorea sp, Dialium sp, Dipterocarpus sp. and Oncosperma sp.  
  Site Location  
  The largest of the Mentawai Island group, located approximately 90 km off the western coast, west of Padang. The reserve forms an elongated Y-shape, the boundary following rivers, streams, and the coast in the north and west. Siberut can be reached from the Muara harbour in Padang. The boat will bring to Muara Siberut, the harbour on Siberut. On the island, all transport is by canoe.  
  Special Memmo  
  About 61% of Mentawai MAMMALS are endemic at some level.  
  List of Birds (19 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Actitis hypoleucos
Alcedo atthis
Ardea sumatrana Lower Risk
Ciconia episcopus
Dendrocygna javanica
Egretta alba
Egretta sacra
Esacus magnirostris
Fregata ariel
Halcyon chloris
Haliaeetus leucogaster App II
Limosa lapponica
Otus mentawi App II
Pachycephala cinerea
Sterna bergii
Sula sula
Tringa hypoleucos
Tringa totanus
Xenus cinereus
  List of Mammals (17 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Aeromys tephromelas
Aonyx cinerea Lower Risk App II
Callosciurus melanogaster
Cervus unicolor
Chiropodomys karlkoopmani Endengered
Dugong dugon Vulnerable App I
Hipposideros breviceps Vulnerable
Hylobates klossi Vulnerable App I
Iomys sipora Vulnerable
Leopoldamys siporanus Vulnerable
Macaca pagensis Critically Endengered App II
Maxomys pagensis Lower Risk
Nasalis concolor Endengered App I
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus Vulnerable
Presbytis potenziani Vulnerable App I
Rattus lugens
Sus scrofa
  List of Fish (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Crustaceans (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Mollusks (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Amphibians (2 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Philautus sp.
Rana sp.
  List of Reptiles (13 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Boiga cynodon
Calamaria lumbricoidea
Chelonia mydas Endengered App I
Crocodylus porosus Vulnerable App II
Dermochelys coriacea Critically Endengered App I
Draco sp.
Eretmochelys imbricata Critically Endengered App I
Gekko sp.
Geoemyda sp.
Hemidactylus sp.
Mabuya sp.
Python sp.
Spinella sp.
  List of Vegetations (11 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Barringtonia sp.
Bruguiera sp.
Calophyllum spp.
Casuarina sp.
Dialium sp.
Dipterocarpus sp.
Nypa fruticans
Oncosperma sp.
Rhizophora sp.
Shorea spp.
Terminalia phellocarpa