Site Name : DANAU POSO
Latitude :
1 52 48 S Logitude : 120 36 0
Altitude :
300 to 300 metres
Area :
32320 ha Wetlands: 32320 ha
Status : NULL
Legislation : NULL
Tenure : Government of Indonesia
Province :  
  Site Description  
  Lake Poso drains through the Poso river to the Mollucca Sea. The lake is an elongated north-south trending lake. The tectonic origin of this lake seems to have some correlation to lake Matano which is located in the southeast. Based on tectonic position, it is expected that the rim of the lake on some part are very steep. The lake, with its over 400 m depth was weakly stratified (RTR 13.3). The lower hypolimnion was anoxic, but carbon dioxide concentrations did not exceed 5.3 mg/l. The lake seems to be oligotrophic, and transparency was of 4.8 metres. It has a good stock of silver and yellow eels and two endemic fish species, Adrianichtys kruyti and Xenopoecilus poptae species. The dominant algal species were Coccomyxa confluens and Krichneriella contorta. There is also tourism fascilities near the lake.  
  Site Location  
  The lake is situated in Central Sulawesi close to Sulawesi "highway". It is about 30 km south of Poso Town.  
  Special Memmo  
  The largest freshwater lake in Central Sulawesi, The third largest lake in Indonesia (after Toba and Towuti lakes)  
  List of Birds (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Mammals (0 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
  List of Fish (7 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Adrianichthys kruyti Critically Endengered
Channa striata
Glossogobius matanensis Vulnerable
Nomorhamphus celebensis Deficient Data
Oreochromis mossambicus
Weberogobius amadi Critically Endengered
Xenopoecilus poptae Critically Endengered
  List of Crustaceans (0 species)  
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  List of Mollusks (16 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Bellamya javanica
Bellamya persculpta
Brotia centaurus
Brotia scalariopsis
Brotia teradjarum
Corbicula celebensis
Melanoides granifera
Melanoides tuberculata
Miratesta celebensis Extinct
Pila ampullacea
Protancylus pileolus
Thiara scabra
Tylomelania carbo
Tylomelania carko
Tylomelania neritiformis
Tylomelania porcellanica
  List of Amphibians (3 species)  
Species Red Data Book Cites
Bufo celebensis
Limnonectes kuhlii
Rana cancrivora
  List of Reptiles (0 species)  
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  List of Vegetations (0 species)  
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