Latitude :
3 31 35 S Logitude : 128 22 9
Altitude :
0 to 0 metres
Area :
1000 ha Wetlands: 0 ha
Status : Strict nature reserve
Legislation : SK Men. Pertanian No.327/Kpts/Um/7/1973
Tenure : Government
Province :  
  Site Description  
  Pombo Island is a small island in Haruku strait. The island is surrounded by circular atoll and surround a 7 ha lagoon with a maximum depth of 227 m. There is a narrow opening in the reef to the north east which is navigable by small boats. Pombo island lies on the east side of the atoll. The island is vegetated with vegetation of Nauclea orientalis, Croton sp., Cordia subcordata, Premna corymbosa, hernandia peltata, Ficus benjamina, Barringtonia asiatica, Terminalia catappa and Erythrina variegata. Sandy beaches occur in the island. The direction of main current flows in te lagoon is similiar to that outside the lagoon, but in the reef area the current flows in a parallel direction with reef margin. During the west monsoon the sea is rough at the reef edge, especially in the north-west and north-east, because the wind current is oppositional. This water movement can endanger the coral communities. On the north-west reef, the reef flat is about 1,300 m long and 300 m wide and drops gradually to a depth of 4 m. At extreme low tide a band of reef flat 60-200 m wide is exposed which consist mostly of dead corals, sand and seaweeds. In some places, especially near the fore and outer reef edge, there are small colonies of living corals. The outer reef edge is built up of dead coral and some living corals, with Porites lutea as the dominant species. Below 4 m, the reef drops abruptly to approximately 20m. A total of 21 species of corals have been recorded from quadrat laid in depth of 1-6 m on he north-west reef. Living coral cover is 37.5%. The north-east reef as a gently sloping reef flat, extending 20-200 m off shore and to a depth of about 2 m. It consists of coral patches on white sand. Further seaward is a coral reef which is about 100 m broad and 2-6m deep. This is followed by a sharp drop-off to a dept of about 20m. 23 species of corals were collected at depth 3 m and the living coral cover is 76%. The reef flat of the south east reef is 900 m long and 150 m wide and consists of dead corals, sand, rubble and a few small living corals restricted to pools and depressions that are covered by water at low tide. Beyond the reef flat is a gently sloping shelf with its outer margin about 200 m from te seaward edge of the reef flat. The first living coral encountered on this shelf at a depth of about 4 m are Tubipora musica, Porites lutea, and Goniopora malaccensis. At a depth of 4-6 m corals become more abundant, living coral cover is 77.7%. 28 species of corals have been collected in this zone. A total of 105 species of corals from 53 genera and sub genera have been recorded from this site. Turtles nest in a lot number on Pombo island, and the island is a roosting site for Pied Imperial Pigeon, Ducula bicolor, and possibly the megapode Megapodius reinwardtii. 56 species of molluscs, 17 echinoderms, 13 species of crabs and 130 species of fish are listed for the area. A later report lists 142 species of molluscs. The bivalve, Septifer bilocularis is the often dominant species on shallow, sandy reef flats. Larger molluscs notably the commercially valuable species such as Tridacna squamosa, Pinctada margaritifera and Pteria spp. occur at Pombo Island, but uncommon. The commercial tronchus Tronchus niloticus and Horse's hoof clam, Hippopus hippopus were also recorded. Pombo Island is uninhabited, but is used as an overnight base for fishermen. Fishermen operate with hook and line in deep waters near coral or rocky reefs, or with gill and seine nets in sheltered waters. Tourism is apparently a growing industry and it is suggested that the greatest value of Pombo Island is for recreation and also for reef research.  
  Site Location  
  The site is located at the northern end of the Haruku strait, between the islands of Haruku and Ambon Pulau Pombo can be accessed by boat from Tulehu or Waii on Ambon.  
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